Bengals at Broncos: Week 16 predictions


The penultimate game of the regular season sees the Bengals – who have already qualified for the play-offs – travel across to Colorado to play the Broncos in Denver. It’s another big game in a season full of big games and, depending on what happens this evening in the first and second rounds of the Sunday games, the result will go someway to deciding who plays who in the play-offs. Let’s see what the Bengals UK panel think about the game… Continue reading “Bengals at Broncos: Week 16 predictions”

Bengals at 49ers: What they’re saying about the 11-3 Bengals


The Bengals rolled back to the west coast with a depleted team and a lot at stake. With Pittsburgh hot and breathing down their necks (they eventually beat Denver after a stirring comeback), and other AFC teams like the Chiefs beginning to find form, the Bengals faced a poor 49ers team with AJ McCarron making his first start as an NFL quarterback. While the performance was less than inspiring on offence (the run game, especially, is a concern), a win, as they say, is a win. And this one was crucial. Continue reading “Bengals at 49ers: What they’re saying about the 11-3 Bengals”

Why I became a Bengals fan: Duncan Yeadon

As regular readers to this blog will know, we run an occasional feature where a British-based Bengals fan tells why he or she started supporting the team. After all, it’s the one question US fans want to know the answer to. This time around it’s Duncan Yeadon, who’s based in Leicester, to tell his fan story.

Continue reading “Why I became a Bengals fan: Duncan Yeadon”

Bengals at 49ers: Week 15 predictions

GettyImages-127497372.0Any time the Bengals play the 49ers many fans recall our team’s only two trips to the Superbowl, where a Joe Montana-led San Francisco won the spoils. Twice. There’s the hint of a rivalry between the two teams, but not so much since both teams’ recent fluctuation in fortunes. This time around the Bengals are in the ascendency and pushing to secure a play-off place, which they can do with a win this week. But without Andy Dalton out, the question is will they? Continue reading “Bengals at 49ers: Week 15 predictions”

Steelers at Bengals: Week 14 predictions

Dec 15, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers center Cody Wallace (72) lines up against the Cincinnati Bengals defense during the second half at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 30-20. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

After getting back on track with two easy wins against two woeful teams, the Bengals face old rivals the Steelers this Sunday with the AFC North division title on the line. Win the game and we wrap up the division with an incredible three games to go. Lose and, well, we’ll still win it but it’ll just take a bit longer. The Steelers – with a fully fit Roethlisberger and the best wide receiving corps in the NFL at his disposal – will be desperate for a win. The last encounter wasn’t the shoot-out that many predicted and the Bengals ground out an impressive (defensive) win. But if recent contests have proved, home-field advantage doesn’t count for much between these two teams. It’s a coin-flip game, but what do the Bengals UK Panel think? Continue reading “Steelers at Bengals: Week 14 predictions”

Bengals UK first fan meet photos and videos

Bengals UK hosted its first ever fan meet on Sunday night, when 30 or so Bengals fans from all over the UK gathered in the pub in central London to watch the resounding victory over the Browns. Lots of fun was had. Lots of beer was drunk. One of our members (hello Tim) – in honour of the Bomb Squad – concocted a Bengals Bomb for us all to drink (a shot of Jägermeister in a glass of orange juice). Special thanks to everyone who made it down – the hope is this will be a semi-regular occurrence. Some photos and videos of the event are over the jump. Continue reading “Bengals UK first fan meet photos and videos”

Bengals at Browns: What they’re saying about the 10-2 Bengals

The Bengals barely broke sweat in twatting the Browns 37-3 yesterday, and did pretty much everything we thought (or hoped) they would do – they played, smart, efficient and professional football, they ran the ball well and they put Austin Davis under all kinds of pressure. It was also a sneakily historic day for AJ Green and Andy Dalton (see over the jump), but let’s face it – this was a fairly routine win against a poor team whose season has imploded, so this game wasn’t ever going to be headline news. It’ll be next week’s game against the Steelers that will grab the attention. Continue reading “Bengals at Browns: What they’re saying about the 10-2 Bengals”

Bengals send Bengals UK EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The Bengals UK hosted its first ever fan meet on Sunday night, when 30 or so people from all over the UK got together in a pub in central London to watch the Bengals win 37-3 over their interstate rivals, the Cleveland Browns. It may have been an efficient, professional performance but the night will be remembered for the Bengals UK fan group’s first ever organised meet-up. There were fans from Manchester, Scotland, Sheffield and even Cincinnati itself in attendance, and Bengals UK would like to thank everyone for their support and for making the effort on coming down on a wet and windy Sunday evening. And that thanks extends to the Bengals organisation itself, and some of the players, who sent all fans in the UK this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO. See it in full after the jump… Continue reading “Bengals send Bengals UK EXCLUSIVE VIDEO”

Week 13 Betting Tips

9775_1Good Evening All! Welcome to my week 13 betting tips. Usually Paul Hirons will post this on my behalf with his delightful tone and sensible manner. Unfortunately it’s alleged he’s having a tipple tonight and due to my busy week I haven’t been able to send it to him in advance. Alas I’m left loose on the site posting the blog myself! As Paul would usually say, bet responsibly and enjoy yourself. Continue reading “Week 13 Betting Tips”

Bengals at Browns: Week 13 predictions


After getting back on the winning track last week against the Rams, the Bengals head up the road to Cleveland this week in the second (and most definitely last) Battle Of Ohio of the season. The Bengals produced an excellent all-round performance against the Rams, while the Browns lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Ravens on Monday night. That last-second ‘kick six’ wasn’t all that went against the Browns – their starting quarterback Josh McCown was ruled out for the season with a broken collarbone. On paper this AFC North game looks like an easy win for the Bengals. Do the Bengals UK panel agree? Continue reading “Bengals at Browns: Week 13 predictions”