Opinion: Reasons for optimism


The opinion continues to roll in from Bengals UK members, and here, Mike Donnelly argues that all is not doom and gloom at Paul Brown Stadium, even though events at the weekend suggest otherwise.

Familiarity breeds contempt indeed for the Cincinnati Bengals, with yet another disappointing elimination from the Super Bowl contest at the first knockout stage. However, with condemnation comes the balance – the ‘yin’ to the ‘yang’ so to speak – and there is plenty of both to digest. Continue reading “Opinion: Reasons for optimism”

Opinion: The day after the night before


It’s 8pm, Sunday here in the UK. Many words have already been typed and spoken. Accusations have flown. And yet it still feels like a nightmare; like everything after AJ Green’s superb touchdown catch didn’t, couldn’t have happened. On the television Mike Zimmer’s Vikings are currently sticking it to the Seahawks, but I’m still in a daze. Make no mistake: what happened earlier this morning will take a long time to digest and move on from, but I had to write something, anything. Call it therapy. Call it what you want. But I had to get something down and process all the items in the washing machine that is my head at the moment. We all stayed up until 6am this morning, watching the game and trying to make sense of it. I don’t think we ever will make complete sense of it all. There will be other members of Bengals UK who will have their say in the coming days, and so should you, but for now I’m going to spout on. The fact is we were in with a shout – no, more than a shout – at ending that drought. And we blew it.  Continue reading “Opinion: The day after the night before”

Steelers at Bengals: Wildcard predictions

So here we go then. The big one, which, hopefully, will be the first of four big ones. No one wanted the Steelers, but if we had played the Chiefs no one would have wanted them either. But it is indeed divisional rival the Steelers that visit PBS on Saturday night, which conjures up all kinds of memories (mostly from that ill-fated game in 2005 and, more recently, the gnarly, punchy game at PBS back in early December). Move over Ravens, this rivalry between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati is now the dominant one in the AFC. So it’s time. Time to step up, banish some demons and finally fulfil the enormous potential this team has. Let’s see what the Bengals UK panel has to say about it all…

Continue reading “Steelers at Bengals: Wildcard predictions”

Opinion: Let’s be havin’ you!


Calling all Bengals fans. You must read this. Our man in the north, Jamie Wroe, has put pen to paper to write an opinion piece that should get you going and, more importantly, believing. Prepare to smash yourself in the chest and jump out of your seat and let out an audible ROAR. Over to Jamie… Continue reading “Opinion: Let’s be havin’ you!”

Ravens at Bengals: What they’re saying about the 12-4 Bengals


So the Bengals finished the season with an admirable 12-4 record, which should make all fans wherever they might be proud as punch. We’ve read that if they team did manage to achieve that record it would have been the first time they’d done so since 1988, and we all know what happened in that year. Regardless of portents and omens, there’s no doubt that it has been a brilliant season with the team hitting new highs and playing with flair and consistency throughout. But… it was an average performance against the Ravens, who themselves played well. We couldn’t convert any third downs (literally no third-down conversions), the offence looked out of sync in the first half and the defense was getting caught by the Mallett-Williams combination. But they settled down in the second half, upping the tempo on offence, running the ball much better and the defense, once again, stifling the Ravens. Before we get to next week (y’know, that small game next Saturday) here’s what the media said about the game, and about the Bengals. Warning: with other big play-off permutations being played out elsewhere, no one said much about this game. Continue reading “Ravens at Bengals: What they’re saying about the 12-4 Bengals”

Ravens at Bengals: Week 17 predictions


So this is it. The end of a terrific regular season for the Bengals, which ends at home to a divisional rival and a chance to equal a franchise-leading 12-4 record. Standing in our way are Baltimore, a sound football team who have suffered badly this season from injuries and a chronic lack of depth at key skill positions. As for the Bengals, they come off another heartbreaking prime-time loss against the Broncos in a game we really should have won. No matter, this end-of-season game is still hugely important when it comes to the play-off shake-up. Let’s finish with a win! Continue reading “Ravens at Bengals: Week 17 predictions”