Bengals UK Draft Coverage: Who We Want To See Drafted

nfl_draft_14It’s Draft Day Eve and we’re excited to find out (Friday morning for those of us in the UK) who the Bengals will be picking in the first round. Do they go receiver to fill a need (presuming some of the top-rated WRs are still left on the board)? Or do they go defensive lineman? It’s a tricky decision and, as ever, will depends on how the draft pans out. The members of the Bengals UK panel have banged their heads together to tell everyone who they want and why… Continue reading “Bengals UK Draft Coverage: Who We Want To See Drafted”

Bengals UK draft coverage: Interview With Joe Goodberry


We’re only a few days away from the the 2016 NFL Draft – to be held in Chicago over the now customary three days – so we thought here, at Bengals UK HQ, we’d rev things up a bit and get involved. After all, it’s an exciting time of year with new players coming in that could make a real difference and, in the Bengals’ case, continue the momentum that they’ve worked so hard to maintain over the past five or six years. Part of the fun is guessing who your team is going to pick and, this year, the Bengals pick at 24. We decided to catch a few words (ok, a LOT of words) with everyone’s favourite Bengals draft expert, Joe Goodberry. Have a look after the jump – it makes for very interesting reading. Continue reading “Bengals UK draft coverage: Interview With Joe Goodberry”