Week 4 Predictions: Bengals at Browns

Here we go, then, the Battle Of Ohio. With two 0-3 teams contesting the first one of the year, some are already calling this game potentially the worst of the weekend. We think that’s a tad hasty, because both these teams do have talent on either side of the ball. Throw in Hue and Zeitler, and there’s a little extra spice to this one. Our panel’s verdict is in, so what are the scores on the doors? Continue reading “Week 4 Predictions: Bengals at Browns”

View From The Stands: Bengals At Packers

We’re all about the experience here at Bengals UK; whether it be watching games on laptops in a darkened room every Sunday night, getting together to watch the games with friends or, if we can muster the pennies together, flying over the Atlantic to watch the games in person. Green Bay has always had a mythical air about it, and Our Man In Manchester became Our Man In Wisconsin for the weekend when the Bengals visited Lambeau Field. Our very own Jamie Wroe made the trip to the frozen tundras of the north to report on his experience Stateside, except it wasn’t very frozen. Continue reading “View From The Stands: Bengals At Packers”

Opinion: A Safe And Steady Descent Through Familiarity

It seems so long ago, 2015. The Bengals started out 9-0 with a roster and coaching staff brimming with elite talent, pundits raving about roster depth and many heaping praise on the Bengals for their proven draft strategy. Yet with September 2017 not even in the books, the Bengals are staring down the barrel at another lost season after a 2016 that produced just five wins. But where did it all go wrong, and why so quickly? Continue reading “Opinion: A Safe And Steady Descent Through Familiarity”

Week 3 predictions: Bengals at Packers

It’s safe to say that a lot has happened since our last predictions post – another poor loss, the sacking of offensive coordinator Ken Zampese, the promotion of Bill Lazor, and numerous rumours of dressing room strife and mutiny, and, of course, Colin Kaepernick. It hasn’t been the greatest week for the club, and a trip up to Wisconsin to face the Packers won’t make things any easier. So, what have our panel got to say about it? Continue reading “Week 3 predictions: Bengals at Packers”

Week 2 Predictions: Texans at Bengals

The nightmare happened. Even after seven months of preparation, the Bengals – and Andy Dalton in particular – looked undercooked and out of sync offensively against the Ravens, and the offensive line, especially Bodine and Ogbuehi, looked awful. They need to get back on track against the visiting Texans in this Thursday-night game, because it’s Green Bay away next and we could be staring at an 0-3 record and a long season ahead. The predictions are in, let’s see what’s in store… Continue reading “Week 2 Predictions: Texans at Bengals”

Week 1 predictions: Ravens at Bengals


It’s football time! The season kicks off against a divisional rival, the Baltimore Ravens, quickly followed up by a Thursday-night game against the Texans. There have been lots of changes at PBS during the off-season – the loss of Whitworth et al, an influx of rookies, a kicking battle, and new hope on the defensive side of the ball – but will that be enough to propel us back to the playoffs? Only time will tell, but in the meantime here’s the Bengals UK panel’s week one predictions. Continue reading “Week 1 predictions: Ravens at Bengals”

2017 season predictions

It’s that time of the year again when NFL fans all over the world get ready for the big kick-off. For fans in the UK it means huddling over laptops, grappling with the chronically awful new Gamepass website design, putting up with Neil Reynolds on Sky again, staying up until ungodly hours to watch our team, win or lose, and deciding whether to eat a full bowl of nachos at two in the morning (rhetorical question, by the way). Yes, we all know supporting an NFL team in the UK can be an unsociable pursuit, but one we wouldn’t change for the world. And that applies to the Bengals, perhaps even more so. Supporting this team can be a wonderful, frustrating, rollercoaster ride of an experience, and I don’t expect that to change in 2017. So what can we all expect? Continue reading “2017 season predictions”