Week 17 predictions: Chiefs at Bengals

The AFC North title up for grabs

Jamie Wroe
Fuck it, why not? Why not us? Joey Brrrrr is on fire and there’s weapons galore. Sure the Chiefs offense is incredible but so is ours. Let’s have a good old shootout. Hell, we might even win it, and clinch the division. Chiefs 48 Cincinnati 53

Chris Hood
Well who would have thought at the start of the season that in the penultimate week the Bengals and Chiefs would face off to potentially decide who becomes the AFC’s number-one seed. This match could even be the first time that the two teams play each other in about a month. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After all, there is still a real risk that the Bengals won’t even make the play-offs. Given where we have been in recent years, it would be great to see the Bengals doing to the Chiefs what we’ve done against the Ravens and Squealers this season, but perhaps it would be better to focus on not picking up injuries and keeping our powder dry ahead of the likely critical match against the Browns and any rematch against the Chiefs in the post-season. We can win, but I don’t think we will. Quite. Chiefs 24 Bengals 21

Paris Pinney

Paris Pinney
After giving the Ravens a thoroughly good throllocking at PBS on Sunday, the Bengals now face the prospect of facing the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs this coming weekend. Winners of eight in a row and the current number-one seed in the AFC. It doesn’t get any bigger than playing Patrick Mahomes and co in the NFL: this game will be a true litmus test of the team. Win the game or keep it close and we’ll know this team is for real; lose by a cricket score and the team will be viewed as nothing more than a pretender. After watching Kittle and Andrews completely gash the team in recent weeks, it’s almost inevitable that Kelce will have a huge game. It will just be a case of limiting the explosive plays of Tyreek Hill deep and trying to force some opportunistic turnovers. This Chiefs defense is no joke, but if the Bengals are to have any chance of winning this game; then scoring at least 30 points is a bare minimum. As much as I’d love the Bengals to win this game, it just feels like the Chiefs are just far too experienced and well-coached to slip up here. The team gives the Chiefs everything they’ve got. But ultimately fall short in a thriller. Chiefs 34 Bengals 28

Paul Hirons
All this talk of the Bengals offense being ‘unstoppable’ is a bit daft. We were scintillating against the Ravens – populated by practise squad players, lest we forget – but we have to remember that we’ve been patchy throughout the season. Brilliant and dazzling at times; infuriating at others. Against a dangerous Chiefs defense, they will be tested hard – pass rushers all over the shop, and an opportunistic secondary led by the Honey Badger. However, I do think the Bengals can and will hurt the Chiefs – it’s just a case of how much and for how long. As for their purring offense, we have to limit them. No one can truly stop them, but you can limit them. If we can do that, we have a chance. But beat them? In other recent games against play-off-calibre teams this season we’ve gifted our opponents a healthy lead thanks to some ridiculous mistakes. We cannot do that this weekend in a game that genuinely is as big The Game That Shall Not Be Named in January 2016. We have to go toe-to-toe with these guys, as we did with the packers. As for the result… my head says no, my heart says yes. Away win in a good game amid a fantastic, sell-out atmosphere at PBS. Chiefs 31 Bengals 27

Author: Paul Hirons

Paul Hirons is a journalist, copywriter, editor and sub-editor with almost 25 years of magazine, newspaper and website experience.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 predictions: Chiefs at Bengals”

  1. It’s going to be cold and rain/snow flurries at PBS on Sunday. And we get Reader and Logan back in the lineup. We need to play mistake-free. I think we have a reasonable chance of pulling the upset.

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