Bengals UK Free Agency Guide: Part I, Defense

During the offseason, I will be dipping my toe into the pool of free agents available to the Bengals. The process of speculation has already started, and with things set to kick off in a matter of days (March 18) it feels like the right time for us – Bengals UK – to jump right in.

From what we’ve heard coming out of the organisation so far, there seems to be optimism that we may be in the market for perhaps not the best of the best, but maybe the best of the rest. Bearing that in mind, don’t expect to see Dak Prescott or Jadeveon Clowney on any of these lists – realistic prospects only!

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Who is the best Bengals tight end of all time?

One position group the Bengals have been blessed with (yes, I used that word) is tight ends.

Apropos of nothing – I think I may have been inspired by seeing an old-school video Jim Foster put up on his Twitter feed – I decided to run a cheeky poll to see who our Twitter followers thought was the best-ever Bengals tight end.

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Bengals UK meet-up details: Draft weekend special

It’s always good fun when British Bengals fans meet-up, and this is why do what we do – it really is great to put faces to names, share stories and have a laugh with each other.

As we all know, being a Bengals fans takes a special kind of person.

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The NFL Scouting Combine is over, so it’s time to plug in what we’ve learned from over the weekend into our latest mock draft.

Andrew Dockerill has once again selected his picks using The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator and has pored over the Combine to see how the players’ performances, measurables and techniques have altered his strategy.
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Our exclusive report from the NFL Scouting Combine*

Nat Press reporting from the NFL Combine on behalf of

After relaxing with a cigar in the LSU locker room revelling in the glow of a record-setting, National Championship-winning college season, the following days saw Joe Burrow soon realise that his feats may mean that he would be selected as the number one overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020 NFL Draft.

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The college season has ended and the Superbowl is at our door so it’s time to get overanalysing on draft prospects. Our first mock draft of the year, using The Draft Network’s draft simulator draft machine, will be made purely from prospects attending the Senior Bowl (hence no Burrow, put down the pitchforks guys!!!) with a few video links for some visual aid.

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