Every Bengals pick in the NFL Draft… and their grades

The NFL Draft took place over the weekend, and the Bengals added six new players that will hopefully make their roster better. So after all the talking, the predictions and the mock drafts, let’s grade the selections.

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Andrew Dockerill Mock Draft 3.0: The dream

Our penultimate draft of the season it’s the dream draft. My favourite realistic picks for the Bengals in this year’s upcoming draft, and this time we are top 10 Bengals mock verified! (See The Athletic’s article here). Let’s dive in.

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Andrew Dockerill Mock Draft 2.0: The Post-Combine one

Combine week crept up on us quicker than expected given the late-season success of the Bengals. But, as ever, it was a great show in Indy with some obscene athleticism on display and some real prospects to get excited about. So now Duke Tobin and the scouting department are drawing up their big boards and sorting out their gradings, and, of course, preparing for an expected free-agency assault on the OL (let’s hope) and a return of Ogunjobi and Hill. But given what we saw over the weekend, how does that alter our drafting approach? Here’s our post-Combine mock…

Andrew Dockerill

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Andrew Dockerill Mock Draft 1.0: Senior Bowl Special

It’s surreal to think that two years ago the Bengals coaching staff, after a 2-14 season, were coaching in this game and now it’s rightly barely been mentioned in Bengaldom with the Super Bowl hysteria!

As is tradition now, here’s our Senior Bowl Mock Draft, where we only select players who were down in Mobile, Alabama two weekends ago.

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